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The German Chancellor Fellowship


The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's German Chancellor Fellowship provides the opportunity for young leaders from the U.S., Russia, China, Brazil and India to pursue a research-based self-designed project during one year in Germany. The fellowship seeks prospective thought leaders from a broad range of professional fields such as politics, public administration, law, business and the arts. Fellows are mentored by a host that fellows have to select themselves before applying. In addition to a generous stipend and mobility allowance, fellows are provided a language scholarship for a two-month intensive language course in Germany. Also, fellows participate in a two-week study tour of Germany, the Foundation’s annual meeting with a reception held by the Federal President, and a meeting in Berlin, which includes a reception at the Federal Chancellery.


Program History 项目历程

The German Chancellor Fellowship Program was introduced in 1990 under the patronage of Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl with the aim of promoting the transatlantic partnership between the Federal Republic of Germany and the USA. In 2002, the program was extended to the Russian Federation and in 2006 to the People’s Republic of China. The year 2013 marks the expansion of the program to Brazil and India.

德国总理奖学金项目在时任联邦总理Helmut Kohl的赞助下, 于1990年推出,以促进德国和美国之间的跨大西洋伙伴关系. 在2002年, 项目扩展到俄罗斯; 于2006年, 扩展到中国。在2013年, 又扩大到巴西和印度。

    Program Length 项目时长: One year 一年

    Location 项目进行地: Germany 德国

    Degree Level 所需学历: Post UG & Graduate 历届和应届大学本科毕业生

    Amount 项目金额: 2,150-2,750 EUR monthly stipend (depending on qualifications) + additional benefits 每月津贴2150到2750欧元(取决于个人资质)+额外补贴

    Official Website 官方网站www.humboldt-foundation.de/youngleaders

Step-by-Step Guide For a Competitive Fellowship Application


#3 Reach Out to Fellows


When you are preparing the fellowship application, It will be very helpful to reach out to ffellows that have done similar projects or have a similar background to yours. They can give you project ideas, tips on the application process and interviews, and can often introduce you directly to potential host institutions. 


How to connect yourself with the fellows?

One simple way is to join our WeChat group. First you need to contact me by scanning the QR code below, and then introduce yourself in 3-5 English sentences. After that, I will send you the access to our WeChat group . There are many fellows in the group. They are all very warmhearted. If you have any questions, you can raise questions in the group, they will take your question seriously and answer you without reserve. In addition, I often invite the fellows to share their application experience in the group. These valuable predecessors' experience will help you get fewer detours and prepare for fellowship applications more efficiently. In 2018, besides WeChat webinar, some offline activities are also under consideration, in order to help you learn more about fellowship and better prepare for fellowship application.


Here are three questions that the fellows are often asked:


How did you find the host in Germany? 


李永靖 LI Yongjing


German Chancellor Fellow, 2014-2015




At that time, I decided to apply for the fellowship in the late June, then I used my spare time to find the companies in Germany of my industry, make a list and find the contact mailbox. It took me a lot of time to contact with potential hosts and seeking my host.

If you have work contact with Germany, it will be a lot easier to find a host. If not, it also doesn't matter. Another two contemporaries and myself all found our host by shotgun approach.The Humboldt Foundation has a high reputation in Germany. Many people will feel proud to be the host.

吐尼克·塔力甫 Tunike·Talifu


German Chancellor Fellow, 2013-2014


When I read the introduction of the fellowship and thought I am qualified, I drafted a project planand wrote my CV, and then searched experts and scholars in the related field ininternet. I sent emails to more than 30 potential mentors, two of them replied and were prepared to support me. After carefully reading their research findings and other related information, I chose one of them as my mentor. 


To make the process of contacting a potential host a little easier for you, the Humboldt Foundation has prepared a letter that includes the most important information about the fellowship as well as the duties and benefits of being a host. You are welcome to forward this letter to your chosen host. You will find the letter on the website https://www.humboldt-foundation.de/web/buka-advice-on-finding-a-host.html

There is also a special website with information for potential hosts/mentors: https://www.humboldt-foundation.de/web/buka-host.html.



How did the fellowship influence your career?


李剑 LI Jian


German Chancellor Fellow, 2006-2007


During my stay in Germany, I could systematically study on the evolution and related issues of German judicial protection system of intellectual property. Meanwhile, I met a lot of professionals in the field of intellectual property in Germany. These broadened my attentions and views. In 2014, China set up intellectual-property courts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. I was luckily involved in the planning and concrete preparation of these intellectual property right courts. My work experience and the first-hand research findings I got in Germany played an important role in the process.

淦宇杰GAN Yujie


German Chancellor Fellow, 2014-2015

可以毫不夸张的说,如果没有在德国一年的总理奖学金经历,我的人生选择和道路肯定会迥异于现在的情况。如果说通过德国一年的研究经历,对我个人的研究能力有多大的帮助,我认为较为有限。但是该奖学金提供的平台极好,洪堡基金会享誉世界,我通过该项目内涵的european stay(即可在德国之外的欧洲国家待两月)机会,访问了牛津大学,在此期间,写好了我的博士生项目研究计划,并得到我现在导师的认可,成功获得牛津大学博士生录取。

其次,总理奖学金得主的确是人才辈出,一时才俊,“谈笑有鸿儒,往来无白丁”,和他们的相处过程本身也是一个极好的学习过程,与最优秀的青年人思想碰撞,体验人生。所谓,读万卷书、行万里路。该项目在行万里路方面,也提供了极好的机会。行路与阅人,总理奖学金项目自带的study tour,让我们有机会遍访欧洲各大智库,与他们座谈,可以了解他们的立场和对世界的认识及观感。德国作为欧洲的核心国家,了解德国的历史文化,对于了解欧洲的历史文明极为重要。凭栏方能远眺,高格局对于年轻人极为重要。

It’s for sure without exaggeration that my personal development and career path would be totally different without this one-year experience in Germany with German Chancellor Fellowship program. The one-year experience had certainly not brought huge improvement in my research ability. However, the platform provided is superb and the Humboldt Foundation is reputable. During the European stay I could have opportunity to visit the Oxford University and could complete later-on the doctoral project plan which was accepted by my current mentor and became a PhD candidate there.

Furthermore, all the GCF-fellows are really talented; getting along with the best young people is a great way of learning and to have ideological collision and exchange of life experiences.  As the Chinese saying goes" One should read thousands of books, and also travel thousands of miles.", the program also provides a great opportunity for us to travel and meet people. During the study tour, we had opportunities to visit various famous European think tanks. By having discussion with them we could get better understanding of their value proposition and their conviction. Germany as a core country of Europe is crucial for us to understand its history and culture in order to get better view on the European history and civilization. Lean on a balcony allows one to aim high. Having vision is very important to young people.

What do you think the foundation look for in a candidate?


于凯 Kai YUN


German Chancellor Fellow, 2015-2016


You shall to be professional and outstanding in your area, have a clear career plan, know your own strengths and the direction of your future development. Besides, you shall be good at communication so that people understand your thoughts.

Kari Foss


German Chancellor Fellow, 2015-2016

The fellowship is looking for leaders who stand out from the crowd. Have a concise plan on how you will attack the project and how Germany is where you need to be to fulfill the requirements of the project. Also, write about how Germany's ‘way’ will be guiding the project and will give the solution for your home country. Have a problem and solve it, using Germany as an example and guide.



You need a recognizable leadership potential in your career to date or in your future career plans. In the future you should be able of playing a bridging role between China and Germany. You should have the necessary knowledge to ensure the success of your proposed project. The project proposal should be relevant for the dialogue of modern societies.


Next Applications for the 2019-2020 fellowship will open on March 15, 2018 and close on September 15, 2018. If you are interested to apply, it is highly recommended to follow our WeChat portal.


If you have any questions or need more information, Please send questions or your CV to info@avh.de ) before you apply so we can advise you.











德国总理奖学金 —— 一个让你从精英到领袖的机会,有勇气尝试吗?

What German Chancellor Fellowship Is And Is Not






历届获奖者项目课题集锦 2014/2015

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